Hello and welcome to Bright Shiny Objects!

I’m so glad you’re here.  I am committed to helping you thrive with ADHD so you can achieve your best self.  Bright Shiny Objects’ goal is to build a lifestyle brand community for women with ADHD like you, where you can interact with me on a variety of topics to enhance your success and personal development.

Bright Shiny Objects will share unique perspectives on how to leverage your strengths and break through the ADHD barriers that prevent you from achieving what you want in your life.  Our hope is not only that you learn how to manage your ADHD, but that you learn to thrive with it.

I chose the butterfly for our logo and icon because it is one of the most beautiful and elegant symbols of change and transformation.  It evolves from a caterpillar to chrysalis to one of nature’s most spectacular creations.   Women with ADHD often feel as constrained in life as the caterpillar appears in nature once it enters the chrysalis stage.

While waiting to complete its transformation, the caterpillar it is immobile and fragile.  Only once it’s transformation is complete, can it release itself, stretch its wings and soar as the splendid creature it was meant to be.   Like the butterfly, girls and women with ADHD often feel as constrained and paralyzed by life, like our very own chrysalis.  Our constraints range from too many choices, perfectionism, disorganization, mental fog, scattered thinking to impulsivity and more.   And yet, we long to soar – to successfully stretch our wings to achieve what often seems to come so easily to our peers who aren’t constrained with ADHD.

The “caterpillar” is the metaphor for the woman with ADHD that Bright Shiny Objects serves, nurtures and supports.  She is in ongoing process of growth and transformation.  She is learning self-love and self-acceptance on all levels—body, mind and spirit.   She is a woman who is strong-willed and intelligent.  She knows if she can overcome the frustrating challenges and debilitating symptoms of ADHD, she can transform her life into anything she wants and achieve anything she desires.  She sometimes feels like the square peg that just doesn’t fit into the round mold of society’s traditional linear thinking.

As the founder of Bright Shiny Objects, I’ve felt that way too.  I’m all too familiar with the search for the perfect solution—as if there were such a thing.    You’ve been there.  Maybe you are even going through a particularly challenging time right now.  My path from surviving to thriving was anything but linear.  Occasionally, I took two steps forward, three back, and even one or two to the left.  My journey was sometimes filled with distraction.  While at other times, I hyper-focused—going all in, ignoring key aspects of my life—going all in, allowing my passion for something to get the best of me.

It was only when I started to apply my experience as a business consultant and executive coach to my personal life, that I realized there was a system (process) solution to every ADHD frustration I faced.  It was only then that I could break free of my own ADHD chrysalis and be the person, wife, mother, daughter, friend and person that I was meant to be.

What if you had the right resources, tools and support to break free of the ADHD chrysalis…on your terms.  What would that feel like for you?  What positive impact would that have on your life?  I learned a lot along the way and I want to share the experiences, knowledge and solutions with you.

Bright Shiny Objects is my vehicle to do that.   Your journey with ADHD has led you here.  I want to hear your challenges, suggestions and successes as well.  Join us as each week we share, model and curate the best approaches to breaking free of the ADHD chrysalis so you too can spread your wings and soar with me.

Learn.  Grow.  Glow.™

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